This is the history how the orphanage ministry began.

Dr .and Mrs. Singh took 56 children in their home and cared for them with all their hearts. They began without any support from the government or from any other place. The only support that they had then, was from the church (Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ Foundation) that Rev. Dr. M. R. Singh was the founder of and also its Senior Pastor.

Later, many true hearts were touched to help support these projects in different ways, either financially and or manually.                                                                

Some have remained faithful to this precious humanitarian cause until this day.

To acknowledge a few who have contributed to this GOOD CAUSE in one way or the other are: 

Marie Laure and Henry Blonbou,

Fred and Sarah Ryder, (helped with cement for the casting of the foundation more than 14 years ago)

Willy Jensen, who is my "mother" and great supporter

the faithful flock of the Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ Foundation   (Bevrijdingskerk van Jezus Christus), 

DNV Business Assuance BV (a group of compassion people / een groep goedhartige mensen onderleiding van de heer D. Matthijs.

Dr Dwight Martin and his precious wife

Mr. Jonathan Novak and his friend Mr. Leon Grove

Jubilee fellowship

Our anticipation is that many more will respond to this humanitarian CAUSE and will support or help in some tangible way to make a difference to a child in this world.

Much gratefulness to all others, who have and are still contributing positively, in one way or the other, to this GOOD CAUSE.

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Orphanage ELIM of the LORD   (Kinderhuis ELIM van de HEER)

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